Drug-carting drone crashes into prison

Tech-savvy criminals have scaled new heights of trafficking by trying to smuggle drugs with a street value of $250,000 on a drone into a Townsville jail, before their robotic mule spectacularly crashed.

Queensland go right here Police are investigating a top-of-the-line Mavic Pro drone found by officers on the grounds of Townsville Correctional Centre in Stuart on November 11.

The drone was carrying substantial quantities of methylamphetamine, tobacco, cannabis and 617 suboxone strips with a total value of about $250,000.

A light-coloured utility was seen near the facility at the time of the incident.

Investigators have released vision of the ute and are seeking help from the public for information regarding the drone flight or the vehicle.

General manager of Townsville Correctional Centre, chief superintendent Louise Kneeshaw, warned smuggling by any means would cost any tech-savvy criminals time in jail.

«With new laws set to come in, the act of flying a drone over a correctional centre can cost you time in custody,» she said.


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