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Doing so may cause the brake pads to clamp together tightly—­and separating them is not any easy task. No. 28 Always remove disc-brake pads when bleeding your brakes. Use a spacer, like Avid’s bleed block, to hold the pistons in place. No. 17 Use a light lubricant to silence squealing rear derailleur pulley wheels.

No. 35 If your wheel doesn’t sit straight in your bike after a hub overhaul, make sure the springs on the quick-release are installed appropriately. No. 33 Snug down your brake levers with a rubber band when adjusting rim-­brake pads. No. 30 After removing­ a disc-brake wheel from the body or fork, don’t squeeze the brake lever.

No. 59 Never turn your bike the different means up to work on it. You might ruin cables, accessories, even your saddle. If you don’t have a repair stand, discover a way to droop it. No. 29 If you’ve been working bolt-on brake pads and it’s time to exchange them, now might be the time to switch to the cartridge-style kind. The subsequent time your pads need alternative, you can simply slip them into the holder, no alignment needed.

We’ve prepared this chart to provide a menu of our widespread bicycle services and repairs. Or, even higher, bring your why my bike won’t start;, in to debate your bicycle points and find out which package or service is appropriate. Estimates are at all times free so you may get the information you want and can resolve tips on how to proceed. Also, if you want instant or rushed service to be ready for that huge journey or occasion, please ask, and we’ll do our greatest to go nicely with you in . Bicycle Village is shifting into Epic Mountain Gear places this spring.

From there, unscrew one side of your broken spoke from the rim. Remove the other finish of the spoke by sliding it via the hub eyelet. To change a tire, you’ll need no much less than one tire lever and a motorcycle pump. Push either side of the tire towards the middle of the rim to loosen the bead. Insert one of your tire levers beneath the bead anywhere on the rim besides proper at the valve.

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