Prince Harry was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) during his tell-all interview with a trauma expert

Prince Harry was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) during his tell-all interview with a trauma expert. 

The younger son of King Charlesthis evening in what’s been billed as an ‘intimate conversation’ about ‘living with loss and personal healing’. 

In a striking revelation, the doctor told the that he believes he has ADD and could be cured, although his opinions on the disorder are not widely shared by the medical community.  

The £19-a-head tickets for the livestream also included a hardback copy of the Duke’s memoir, Spare, which was first published in January.

The timing of the discussion is particularly awkward for the palace, coming just days after it emerged King Charles is , their grace-and-favour mansion on the Windsor estate.

Asked by Dr Maté if he saw himself as a victim, Harry said: 'I certainly don't'

 In a striking revelation, Dr Gabor Mate told the Duke of Sussex that he believes he has ADD, which makes it difficult for a person to concentrate 

In today's conversation, Harry said he felt 'a great weight off my shoulders' after leaving the Royal Family

The livestream costs £17 and comes with a hardback copy of the duke’s memoir, Spare.Viewers can also purchase Dr Mate’s latest book 

Dr Maté began the conversation by saying there were ‘two divergent stream of responses’ to the event — those who had and hadn’t read Harry’s book Spare.

He said that those who hadn’t read the book were ‘resentful’ towards Harry and those who had were ‘grateful’ to him for sharing his story.

The Prince responded by saying ‘I definitely don’t see myself as a victim’, adding that his experiences and his work with mental health ‘sharing my story will help some people out there’.

Harry added that ‘it feels like an act of service’ sharing his experiences through his book.

Dr Maté has said Harry starting therapy ‘was like bursting a bubble’.

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