Review: TaylorMade M1 Fairway Woods

Two of the most popular irons on tour have recieved an upgrade and Golfshake’s Owen Davies recenty got his hands on them to find out what is new. And you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. «They’re not the longest iron in this category, but the long irons can fly properly and get out there. Marks23: Very long distance irons. Distance and really straight flight. High and straight ball flight. I have two rounds in with my 716 AP1’s, and so far I’m very happy: long and straight with very good ball flight and good feel around the green. When in the draw position, the weight system will add spin to keep the ball in the air longer, and will decrease spin in the fade setting to keep shots from ballooning. After picking up my set of CB57’s from my certified Miura fitter, I stepped into the hitting bay to give the set a few test shots.

I tried to like the Apex but just couldn’t, I could not hit consistent shots with them. You no longer have to look like Judge Smails when you tee it up! I like the look and found them very forgiving and about a club longer than my other sets with great numbers and trajectory with KBS Tour 90 at no upcharge. Workable and about 20 yards a club longer than my AP2s. In reality, wedge performance is not all that different from that of any other golf club category. Finding the right bag for golf can make a big difference in planning your imprinted titleist golf balls game trip. I could easily game them, but really had decided that I would go for forgiveness over looks. This year, the test group rated the Tommy Armour Over N’ Out 2.0 and the Cobra KING ONE wedges poorly for looks, feel, and alignment. That belief that a player can do it when with a chance opens this event up to some of the larger prices, but surely one of the previous winners makes a challenge, and why not a six-time winner. Knetgolf is one example. I guess that is the definition of game improvement.

When I was fitted for and started playing with my Steelhead set, me and my buddies saw an immediate improvement in my game. If you want a «small» game improvement club, AP1 or G30 is your club. The Cast Urethane cover helps with short game feel and short game control. Each golf club can get a designated spot which helps with club organization. Global Golf has Callaway Chrome Soft Practice Tour Golf Balls for $19.99 with code GIFT. If you are looking for some out-of-the-world women’s golf balls, then go for these semi-translucent golf balls that come in varied colors, a pack of 15. Their 2-piece core has a soft feel. A high-quality microfiber golf towel is great for cleaning clubs and golf balls. Since we all play golf for the feeling, not just a number at the end of the round, we gravitate towards the clubs, balls, courses that do this for us. I play off 8, hit the ball reasonably but a little erratic at times with the hybrids and woods off the tee. DaveMac: The Ping G takes what Ping has done for years and added in increased ball speed, improved feel and much better looks. I came from the Adams cmb’s and they were too heavy and spun way too much.

Fitted with 5.5 Rifle instead of my XPs, and spin came down an amazing 2500 rpm. Now if Golfdotz can get their small print run minimum quantity down to just 5 or 10 packs, then they capture the individual golfers who want their custom names and logos on things and not just stock ladybugs. AC in TX: I use the S55s when I’m feeling froggy and the G’s when I come crashing back down to earth (usually after a bad round with the S55s). Shimanonut: For me the Ping G’s were amazing. 2: I tried most all of them, and the G’s felt and preformed best for me. Mizuno’s best attempt at a wide-handicap-range iron. High lofts: Like the mid-lofted wedges, Mizuno’s MP-T5 high-lofted wedges (58-to-62 degrees) come in two options: high bounce and low bounce. Progressive Grooves: grooves become sharper, narrower and deeper in the short irons and wedges in order to enerate maximum spin and stopping power. Having played cast, game-improvement irons my entire golfing life, I was anxious to see how these clubs would look at address, feel at impact and most importantly, how they would perform for my swing. That’s why I was surprised to see such a big change in my launch conditions and dispersion with the G400 drivers.

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