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This interface can be liked or disliked by anyone. Some will like that it’s simple and doesn’t look very cluttered. Others will be disappointed because the program’s sleek, small design compromises some of the program’s useful functions. This free YouTube downloader Mac app allows you to freeze a video and then resume it. This allows you the flexibility to complete the downloads when it is most convenient for your schedule. This downloader is sleek and efficient and supports a wider range of hosting sites, including Instagram and Facebook.

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  • Or, you could download videos directly via your website using the Download Extension.
  • The method is a little tricky, but still straightforward.
  • So if a video site is prohibited from downloading, you can just record them, nice design.
  • Screen recording is an option if all else fails.

Also, it can be a YouTube playlist downloader so that can keep the music and videos in batches. One of the strengths of this software are the many output options. This video downloader could be used to access most videos on the internet. The 4k downloader allows you to easily download entire playlists.

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You may have already heard that YouTube videos can be downloaded on your iPhone or iPad. This is a great way to entertain kids while on long journeys or in flight. However, videos can be downloaded to your Mac even if you don’t have a device with Wi-Fi. And it’s a particularly good idea if you have to deal with data caps, too, or want a larger-screen viewing experience. However, it’s safe and legal to download videos.

Which YouTube downloader can be trusted in 2022?

  • The built-in screen recording tools in macOS Catalina are the best and most secure way to save videos on your Mac. To use this method, open the YouTube video you want. Remember that this will save the entire window. This is why you might want fullscreen. Yes, you can download entire YouTube channels or playlists. You can also select the videos you want from a playlist. All-in-one Mac video converter software to convert among all video and audio formats. The application is capable to handle Full HD, 4K and Ultra HD video downloads without any problems.

    Moaj257/youtube-downloader – Mac — Using Terminalmd

    Softorino youtube downloaded Conversion PRO, also known under SYC Pro, is one the best YouTube video downloaders available for Mac. This tool allows you to download high-quality videos at incredible speeds. SYC PRO is, however, a software that specializes in youtube 4k downloader downloadings.

    What is the most reliable YouTube downloading tool?

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